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Towel Rails

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We carry a fine range of Heated Towel Rails for you to choose from. As with all the products we sell every towel rail is carefully selected with quality and performance foremost in mind. Our close relationship with our manufacturers ensures we get the best deals possible that we pass on to our customers. If you cannot find what you are looking for please pick up the phone and call our free-phone number on 0800 055 6450 where our expert staff are on hand to help you.

Towel Rails

There isn’t a home or flat which doesn’t have towel rails in the bathroom, but most are simply the kind where you hang a towel before and after a shower. Heated towel rails are another matter altogether and such a nice way to warm a towel so that you aren’t stepping out to a chill whilst some even have sufficient output to heat the entire bathroom area. The Radiator Gallery has a huge selection of towel rails to choose from so that you never need to worry about catching a chill again before or after a bath.

Types of Towel Rails

If you are looking for heated towel rails, we actually carry several different types of towel rails. You will not be limited to design but the way in which they work is also an important consideration. Heated towel rails come in standard types that are attached to your central heating system pipes whilst some are electric. Then we also have duel fuel towel rails. In this case, you are not limited to going without a heated towel rail if you do not have central heat with a hot water or steam boiler as we also offer electric towel rails as well.

Heating Options – Standard Towel Rails

As mentioned, you have your choice of heating options when it comes to towel rails so it is important to understand the different choices you have. There are standard heated towel rails that are the kind which hook up to your boiler, steam or hot water. You will need to choose a radiator valve as well to go along with your standard towel rail as there are manual valves and thermostatic radiator valves. Most plumbers suggest manual radiator valves for a towel rail as they will not use energy whilst no one is in the bathroom – they can be turned on and off quickly at will.

Heating Options – Electric Towel Rails

Then there are electric towel rails but those come in two choices as well. First there are the kinds which have standard elements with one level of heat and then there are adjustable elements where you can vary the temperature. The nice thing about our electric towel rails is that they come with a choice of elements. You can choose between a standard element and an adjustable element so that you can add heat on colder days and keep a lower setting during warmer months when you aren’t likely to need as much warmth.

Heating Options – Duel Fuel Towel Rails

Our most popular towel rails have always been duel fuel towel rails simply because most homes in the UK built prior to the 1970’s have central heating systems with boilers. Duel fuel towel rails offer you the option of heating your towel rail with your central heating system or during warmer months when your furnace is off you can simply switch to electricity to warm your towels. Then you also have the option to choose a duel fuel towel rail with either standard or electric elements.

Summary of Heating Options

Although it may sound a bit confusing, it really is pretty simple when you see the choices in a list. Each of our towel rails, such as the Brunswick, will give you a drop down menu where your choices would look like this:

  • Standard
  • Duel Fuel with Standard Element
  • Duel Fuel with Adjustable Element
  • Electric with Standard Element
  • Electric with Adjustable Element

When seen in that perspective, you see that you have a multitude of choices to make so your options are not limited. You can choose the style you like as well as the type (heating option) so that there is literally a towel rail to suit any bathroom with literally any style of heating system imaginable.

Choosing Size and Finish

The next thing you will want to consider is the size and the finish you would like to have in your bathroom. Most of our towel rails come in either brushed stainless steel or polished stainless steel which is a perfect choice for a bathroom for obvious reasons. Other metals tend to get corroded over time when exposed to dampness and humidity. Stainless steel does not rust easily which is the perfect choice in a room that sees as much moisture as a bathroom.

Popular Towel Rails

We are often asked which towel rails are the most popular. Actually, even though we have a huge selection of radiators and towel rails, it is quite difficult to pinpoint which are the most popular because all of our towel rails are hot items. They all sell well and it is primarily a matter of personal taste. However, you do need to be cognisant of size. Some of our most popular towel rails do not come in assorted sizes so that is really a determining factor. For instance, the Antsy is quite tall and wouldn’t work well in smaller rooms and the Beacon is even taller yet.

When choosing a towel rail from the full range towel rails available at the Radiator Gallery you have a lot of decisions to make! Even so, we have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with any questions you might have so just give us a call on 0800 055 6450 and we would be happy to help you. Keep in mind that we do have a Price Match Promise so that any of our radiators, towel rails or radiator valves (which you may need with your towel rail) will be offered at the lowest price anywhere in the UK.

If anyone can beat our prices, we will match them. However, you will be hard pressed to find the assortment of towel rails we have anywhere in the UK. And if you can’t find what you are looking for here, chances are we can special order it for you. Give us a call.