Electric Towel Rails

Electric Towel Rails

Electric Towel Rails

One of the most common misconceptions many of our customers have when contacting us for towel rails is that they only work with standard furnaces with boilers. This is not the case at all because all of our towel rails are offered in a number of heating options and we have the UK’s largest assortment of electric towel rails. In fact, you might find it difficult to find a supplier anywhere on earth that has a larger selection of towel rails, radiators and radiator valves than the Radiator Gallery carries in stock – and if we don’t have it, chances are good we can special order it for you.

What Are Electric Towel Rails?

Since so many homes in the UK do, indeed, use furnaces with boilers and radiators, most of us assume that a towel rail simply hooks up to the heating system. In many cases this is true, but in newer homes it is possible to order heated towel rails with electric elements which provide heat when switched on. There are two types of electric towel rails based on the type of element you choose. You can order a standard element or you can order an adjustable element where the temperatures are variable based on your wants or needs. Most people choose an adjustable element since they can keep temperatures lower in warmer weather.

Duel Fuel Electric Towel Rails

As well, you shouldn’t think that if you want an electric towel rail you are limited to electricity to operate the heat. Our full range of towel rails also provide for duel fuel so that you can choose between using your furnace or switching to electricity as the need arises. Since you are given a choice when ordering an electric towel rail, you can simply choose the duel fuel option so that you can use the furnace and boiler during winter months to save on electricity and then in spring and autumn months when the furnace may not yet be on but the days are cooler, you can use the electric element to heat your towels.

Heating Options in Electric Towel Rails

Since it is possible to purchase electric towel rails with a duel fuel option, it is good to know how many choices you really have. When ordering an electric towel rail, if you simply want an electric element you are free to make that choice. However, here are all the choices you can make:

  • Standard
  • Duel Fuel with Standard Element
  • Duel Fuel with Adjustable Element
  • Electric with Standard Element
  • Electric with Adjustable Element

You would not want to choose standard if you are looking for an electric towel rail because that is the only option which doesn’t have an electric element. It only hooks up to a standard furnace with a steam or hot water boiler. The other four choices all have electric elements as described above, standard or adjustable.

Choices of Metal and Finishes

Whereas our radiators mostly come in an assortment of metals and finishes, it is important to understand that electric towel rails to be used in the bathroom are going to be exposed to a huge amount of humidity/moisture. For this reason, you will find that we offer stainless steel electric towel rails simply because this metal doesn’t rust or corrode easily when exposed to moisture. However, you will be provided with an opportunity to choose between brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Depending on the faucets and fixtures in your bathroom, you may opt for shiny electric towel rails but sometimes a brushed finish is called for when faucets are not the standard chrome or stainless finish.

Most Popular Electric Towel Rails

We have found that the most popular towel rails are actually chosen based on the size of the bathroom. In smaller bathrooms the most popular towel rails are the Newick electric towel rail or the Cinder electric towel rail. In mid-sized bathrooms the Rusper heated towel rail is often chosen. All of our other electric towel rails can be used in larger bathrooms quite easily. In other words, popular electric towel rails are of course a matter of taste, but also popularity is based on the size of the wall or room the towel rail will be installed in. For larger bathrooms, the three most popular electric towel rails are the Oval, Orbit and Comb heated towel rails.

Electric Towel Rails Can Heat the Entire Bathroom

Whether you are looking for a duel fuel electric towel rail or electric towel rails which don’t need to be hooked to a central heating system, the choice is yours. You are given the option to choose a standard element with one temperature or an adjustable element which you can set for higher or lower temperatures as weather demands. Keep in mind that some of our electric towel rails are large enough to provide heat to the entire bathroom, not simply heat towels. These are all things you will need to keep in mind when choosing an electric towel rail for your bathroom.

The Radiator Gallery has such a large selection of electric towel rails that there is certain to be the exact style and type you are looking for. If we don’t have exactly what you have in mind, remember our Price Match Promise. Call us today on 0822 055 6450 with any questions you might have. Our staff is amongst the most knowledgeable to be found and if you have any questions or concerns, we can help you. Don’t forget that if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can special order most radiators or electric towel rails at the best prices to be found. That’s our promise to you.