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Our range of Heated Towel Rails have been carefully selected to give our customers the widest choice possible without compromise on quality. All our towel rails meet our stringent quality requirements and we negotiate the best possible prices with all of our manufacturers. Our expert staff are on hand to offer friendly advice and are more than happy to help should you have any questions about our designer radiators. We are easily contactable on our free-phone number - 0800 055 6450 during office hours and by email out of hours.

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Your Choice of Heated Towel Rails

Many days in the UK can be damp and cold which is why it is sheer luxury to step out of the bath or shower into a soft, cosy heated towel. Nothing is more comforting than being wrapped in warmth which is why heated towel rails can be seen in many of the finest hotels and upscale homes. Actually, they are quite inexpensive and many can heat the entire room. As well, they are also easily installed in any home of any architectural style. Whether you live in an older, more traditional home that is heated with hot water or steam radiators or are in a newer flat or home with electric heat, there is a heated towel rail made just for you.

Full Range of Heated Towel Rails to Choose From

Heated towel rails come in virtually all types and sizes. From floor mounted steam or hot water heated towel rails to wall mounted electric towel rails there is no end to the choices available. Some heated towel rails are dual fuel which means they can be heated with an electric element or they can be used with a standard boiler. Take for example the compact stainless steel Newick which can be ordered with the standard heating option or you have your choice of:

  • Dual fuel with a standard element
  • Duel fuel with an adjustable element
  • Electric with a standard element
  • Electric with an adjustable element

This is just one example of a design that can be ordered to work well with any heating system you have in your home or flat and there are literally unlimited possibilities. Sometimes these are truly used to heat your towels and other times they are switched on before you take a bath to add a bit of extra heat to avoid a chill. In any case, since we offer a full range of heated towel rails, no home should be without one.

Make a Statement with Designer Heated Towel Rails

Anyone who entertains often or has houseguests on a regular basis can really make a lasting impression on their guests with designer heated towel rails. Some designer towel rails are fashioned from a single bar like the Flat O Heated Towel Rail which is attached to the wall and these are traditionally heated through your heating system. They look just like a regular towel rail so when your guest reaches for the towel to dry his or her hands, that extra bit of warmth is sure to please. Some designer heated towel rails are much large which is why they wouldn’t be used in a smaller guest bath or a half bath. Some have several rails going across and some are curved just enough outward so that they wouldn’t do well in confined areas. The Aquila model is one of those you wouldn’t use in a smaller room. However, what this one provides in heat makes it ideal for larger rooms if it is to be used as a secondary, or even primary, heat source.

Our Selection of Traditional Heated Towel Rails

Traditional heated towel rails were designed for those who have radiators throughout the home and a heating system that can power them. This is typically hot water or steam and in most cases traditional heated towel rails have fittings for two pipes which makes them conducive to hot water heating systems. The models of traditional heated towel rails which we carry are floor mounted and we normally have five models in stock to choose from. One of the most popular is the Nexus Grand 3 Heated Towel Rail because it combines a small version of a radiator with stainless towel rails framing the unit. These are quite popular in older homes as they fit in with the ambiance of days gone by.

Sleek and Modern Heated Towel Rails

Some of today’s homes are no longer built with steam or hot water heating systems but this doesn’t mean that you need to forego the luxury of heated towels in your bath. At the Radiator Gallery we do also carry an assortment of electric heated towel rails just for homes such as these. We have a number of styles and sizes including the smaller Cinder Heated Towel Rail which only has three horizontal rails and then we have the Ansty Heated Towel Rail a much larger model with many horizontal rails. This particular design wouldn’t work as well in a smaller bath as it is quite long. Even so, there are several electric heated towel rails in all sizes which can be easily installed in any home. Electric rails can also provide sufficient heat to keep your bathroom warm and toasty.

Installing Your New Heated Towel Rails

Since we do not install any of our radiators or heated towel rails, it is suggested that you speak with a local plumber or heating contractor. Unless you have ever changed a radiator or towel rack in your home it can be a bit tricky, especially where steam or hot water heating systems are concerned. Even electric heated towel racks need an expert installation because they will need to be direct wired into your walls. You would want to hire an electrician to make sure there are no shorts and of course for your own safety. Electricity is nothing to play with. As well, you may want to do a bit of research to see if there are any local ordinances when installing anything whatsoever directly into your home electrical wiring.

It is commonly believed that heated towel rails can be directly attributed to the genius of Geoffrey Ward, a plumber who fashioned the first designer radiators in the UK. His vision and talent brought his company, Bisque Radiators, to the very top of designer radiators and the first heated towel rails began surfacing during the same period when his company was getting off the ground. Even so, it doesn’t really matter who gets the credit for them, what matters is just how efficient they can be on a cold winter’s night when all you want is to step out of a hot shower , stay warm long enough to don your robe and sit back with a hot toddy or two.