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Here are some of our most Frequently asked Questions

Are the radiators that I purchase from The Radiator Gallery compatible with my system? 
Our complete range of designer radiators are compatible with conventional central heating systems and have British Standard Fittings. 

Can I change the radiator in just one room?
Yes, it is possible to integrate an individual radiator into an existing system. But we advise that you instruct a reputable plumber or heating engineer.

Is the cost of delivery included? 
Yes, we will deliver traditional radiators, radiator valves, Designer Radiators and more to the mainland UK free of charge. 

Will you install my radiators? 
No, but we do offer a very competitively priced supply service. We do however advise that you instruct a reputable plumber, or heating engineer to install you radiator.

Do cast iron radiators take a longer time to heat than a conventional radiator? 
Yes, but the radiators stay warmer for longer after they have been turned off. Cast iron radiators are becoming increasingly popular with heating engineers and architects as they tend to retain warmth in the fabric of the building so counteracting condensation and damp. 

How do I calculate the size of radiator I need? 
Your plumber or heating engineer should be able to calculate the exact size you require and to calculate your heat output requirements simply use our BTU calculator.

Where should I position my radiators? 
Radiators should, if possible,  be positioned in the coldest part of a room. This is usually an outside wall or under a window. Alternatively you are able to place a radiator anywhere in the room to suit your furnishings.

Can I paint any of the radiators that you supply? 
Yes you can. We have a selection of radiators that are finished in a primer coat which enables you to paint the radiator with your choice of colour.

What is a dual energy installation?
Dual energy radiators can be plumbed into the central heating system and receive their heat from the boiler in the colder months and from an electrical element during the summer months when the central heating system is inactive.

What is the difference in an aluminium radiator?
Aluminium is the fastest conductor of heat so will therefore give instant heat when needed.  Due to their effeciency aluminium radiators tend to be smaller in size than other radiators.

BTU Calculator

What size radiator do you need?

This heat output or 'BTU' (British thermal unit) calculator is a great way to work out how much radiator power you need.

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Window type
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