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We have a nice selection of Electric Radiators for you to choose from. We carry Electric Designer Radiators styles as well as more traditional looking units. If you are looking for electric bathroom radiators then take a look at our Heated Towel Rails Section. We are constantly updating our range and should you be unable to find what you are looking for please call us as we are often able to order in specific radiators even if we do not carry them as permanent stock. Our prices are hard to beat and our staff offer a level of service that keeps our customer's returning to us. Should you have any questions please give us a call on our freephone number 0800 055 6450.

Contemporary or Vintage Electric Radiators

One of the most amazing aspects of design in traditional English homes is the use of radiators to enhance whatever scheme the home is done in. Whether the décor is traditional or ultra modern, there isn’t a home that cannot benefit from adding a radiator for aesthetic appeal as well as function. Of course the UK is far enough north that heat is needed a good bit of the year, but electric radiators add a whole new dimension to interior design as well.

Our selection of electric radiators includes those which resemble authentic period pieces right through contemporary units that could pass as a work of art even though their main function is to provide warmth throughout the room. If we don’t have what you are looking for in an electric radiator, don’t get discouraged because we can also special order a good number of products which we just don’t have room to carry in stock at all times. Before deciding however you might want to browse through a few of our most popular models.

Authentically Designed Period Pieces

Two of our most popular electric radiators are the Liberty Electric Radiator and the Burlington Electric Radiator. Both look as though they are part of a hot water or steam powered heating system but are actually electric replicas that easily pass for the real thing. There is no need to have a plumber in to install either of these models as they are electric and work independent of a boiler or furnace.

Both come in your choice of RAL colours or primer and if you are trying to authenticate the Victorian era, either model would be the perfect complement to your décor. They are crafted from cast iron in keeping with authentic Victorian radiators but those coated in primer do ship more quickly. You can expect primer coated models in approximately 10 to 15 days whilst the RAL colours will take up to four weeks for delivery. Keep in mind they are custom finished to order per the RAL colour chart.

Uniquely Designed Lie Down Electric Radiator

One of the most interesting designs we carry at The Radiator Gallery is the Lie Down Electric Radiator. It is horizontally oriented and is usually installed on the wall parallel to the baseboard and quite close to the baseboard as well. The Lie Down comes in brushed stainless steel, your choice of colours or a SuperMirror finish. This is one of the most innovative electric radiators designed by Eskimo Radiators and it is truly a piece that belongs in the 21st century. Since its reflective surface is anti-mist, the Lie Down can be used equally well in either the kitchen or the bathroom. In fact, it is a perfect design for any room in the home, including cold and dreary hallways and vestibules.

Popular Get Up Electric Radiator

Another design by Eskimo Radiators which is in high demand is the popular Get Up Electric Radiator. Perhaps one of the most requested electric radiators for a bathroom because it stands tall, is anti-mist and has an optional highly mirrored finish. Although the Get Up can be customised in a powder coated stainless steel face, many people like the highly reflective finish as it doubles for a mirror in the bathroom or vanity area. This particular model can be dual fitted so that it works equally well fitted to a heating system or as a simple electric heat source.

Aluminium for Fast Heat and Stylish Appearance

If you are looking for an electric radiator which heats up quickly and comes in a variety of heat output options, a popular design is the Digital Electric Radiator. You can choose between six different outputs from 600 to 2000 watts and the actual design is more in keeping with a traditional room radiator except it is digitally controlled. Each heat output is sized differently in keeping with the amount of wattage making this particular radiator one of the favoured of any in our London showroom.

Modern Yet Understated Lines of the Tutto Electric Radiator

In keeping with popular models by world famous MHS Radiators, the quietly understated curved design of the Tutto Electric Radiator make this a perfect addition to almost any décor whatsoever. This particular model is seen in homes, offices and public buildings throughout the UK and it does come with a thermostat as well. The body itself is aluminium which means that you can expect it to heat up very, very quickly so that you can achieve the comfort level you are looking for without waiting ages for heat output.

Attention Grabbing Oblong Radiator by Eskimo

Sometimes strong lines are called for by the architecture of a room or building and the attention grabbing Oblong Radiator by Eskimo provides just what you are looking for. As one of our most bespoke radiators, the Oblong can be customised in a wide range of RAL colours, it can be mirror finished or some prefer the powder coated stainless steel front. Because it can be fitted as a standard radiator or as an electric radiator, this can be used either as a standalone electric heat source or hooked up to a range of heating systems. Again, this is a popular design for bathrooms because of its anti-mist surface.

When it comes to choosing a radiator for your home or place of business, the Radiator Gallery has a wide choice of electric radiators that can be used without the need to have a boiler or standard heating system. Many of our designs do in fact work either alone or as part of a system, but because we have such a variety of choices your options are not limited.

If you require quick heating of a room then perhaps one of our aluminium electric radiators would be your best choice but if you want to replicate an era from days gone by, then one of our cast iron Victorian designer electric radiators would do quite nicely. If we don’t have what you are looking for on our showroom floor, just ask. We can special order just about any electric radiator you can imagine so don’t be afraid to ask. If it’s been designed and manufactured, there is every possiblility we can order it for you. It never hurts to ask.