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Amazingly Versatile Vertical Radiators

A common misconception about residential radiators is that they are all bulky floor mounted cast iron chambers through which heated water flows as a heat source in the colder months. Perhaps that was the case in Victorian times, but today’s vertical radiators are just as much a work of art as they are a heat source and surprisingly, they are built to provide more convective heat than most people are aware of. For homes or flats with contemporary décor, vertical radiators provide all the heat you need in the winter whilst offering an added artistic flare to any room or suite any time of the year.

What is a Vertical Radiator?

As the name would imply, a vertical radiator is usually one in which the columns go up and down rather than from side to side. Whilst this could adequately describe a traditional floor mounted cast iron radiator as the columns do generally go up and down, the term vertical radiator most often refers to the space-saving feature because most are installed relatively flush to a wall. There are no obstructions which can block heat as there are with floor models, and as mentioned, they can be as interesting aesthetically as they are functional. A perfect example of an aesthetically appealing yet functional vertical radiator would be the Step Windsor Designer Radiator with its highly polished centre and sides that literally step back towards the wall.

The History of Vertical Radiators

Although it is possible to still see floor mounted cast iron radiators throughout the UK as so many buildings are literally hundreds of years old, most new homes and flats utilise space saving wall-mounted vertical radiators which are light weight stainless steel or aluminium. It is difficult to pinpoint the actual year in which vertical radiators were first manufactured in the UK but it is known that they have been a growing trend within the past few decades. From the first lightweight wall mounted vertical radiators, a whole new generation of designer vertical radiators has evolved which give added dimension to any room.

Vertical Panel Radiators

Not all vertical radiators are comprised of columns running up and down. Trendy new vertical radiators are crafted from panels as well, under which the radiator is hidden. There are a number of styles to choose from but most often the panel is a work of art in and of itself. Anyone entering the room might never guess that there is a heat source behind that canvas! Take for example the Entropy Designer Radiator that was created by the world famous Karim Rashid. With its geometric curves and lines, the Entropy more resembles a modernistic wall hanging than it does a vertical radiator.

Contemporary Vertical Waves

Another popular trend in vertical radiators is where the columns are formed into waves or curves. Sometimes the radiator is a single wave as in the Demitour Designer Radiator and other times there are double panels that criss-cross each other in waves as in the Papilon. These can often be done in brushed or polished stainless steel whilst some come in an assortment of striking colours to complement any décor. This style tends to sit close to the wall with a distance from wall to face of only 95 mm. Unless a guest knows about vertical radiators, either the Demitour or the Papilon will seem like a metal sculpture as opposed to a source of heat; that is, unless they get up close enough to feel the warmth radiating from it.

Odd Designs and Geometric Shapes

One of the most versatile features of vertical radiators is the fact that they are not limited to a series of coils that snake up and down as in traditional floor models. Some have eclectic geometric shapes as the heating coils such as in the unique and popular Lokum which resembles a 1960’s metallic wall hanging with its circle inside a square motif. With three columns and seven rows of squares, its symmetrical design done in brushed stainless steel is absolutely perfect for the home done up 60’s Retro. However, there are other sizes available that will add rows and columns depending on how large an area on the wall is available.

Endless Possibilities in Flat Panel Vertical Radiators

Throughout the past few years, a number of innovative designs in vertical radiators have surfaced, amongst which is simply called the Flat Designer Radiator. This particular model is one of the most flexible in terms of colours, finishes and sizes as well as in whether or not you would like it installed length-wise (vertically) or width-wise (horizontally). When ordering this design you are provided with a number of configuration options so that it will best fit the wall upon which you intend to have it installed. However, one of the features of the this particular style of vertical radiator is how flush it can be installed to the wall as it is only 88mm from wall to face.

Top Manufacturers of Vertical Radiators

Always be cognisant of the manufacturer when ordering vertical radiators since you require adequate heating above and beyond the artistry. Some of the best manufactures of vertical radiators available throughout the UK include such industry giants as MHS, Aeustus, DQ, Lymaw, TRC, Vasco, Bisque, and of course The Radiator Gallery with its very own Otto Designer vertical radiator. Whilst it is possible to think you are getting a good deal, low prices do not always provide the best bargains. Look for top names in vertical radiators so that you will have a radiator built to last with a warranty to back it up.

Here at the Radiator Gallery we only offer top of the line vertical radiators at prices which are amongst the best to be found. If you have any questions regarding which make or model would best suit your home and your particular needs, you have the option of calling to speak directly with a knowledgeable and courteous radiator specialist or you can chat live online. In fact, with our free online BTU calculator you will be able to determine if the style or styles you are interested in would be sufficient for the space you need to heat. Whether you choose to email us, call us or chat online, we are here to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect vertical radiator that is guaranteed to be the showpiece of your neighbourhood.