Chrome Radiators

Chrome Radiators

Welcome to our Chrome Radiators

Chrome radiators are becoming increasingly popular with our customers, so much so we have created a seperate section here on our website to satisfy customer demand. We also have a wide range of Stainless Steel Radiators available. If you have any questions or cannot see a particular Designer Radiator you are interested in then please give us a call on our freephone number 0800 055 6450.

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Chrome Radiators

Although radiators are a necessary part of many heating systems, especially in the UK and throughout Europe, there is no reason why we can’t choose a model that is stylish and far removed from old fashioned cast iron radiators we grew up with. In fact, there are so many different types of designer radiators on the market today that we have an almost unlimited number to choose from.

Radiators to Match Any Décor

Of course cast iron radiators resembling those from the Victorian era are still manufactured and the Radiator Gallery does carry a line of authentic reproductions, we are no longer limited by the size, type and style of radiator we once were bound by. Today’s designer radiators are created to blend in with any décor from literally any period in time. Some resemble period pieces whilst others are totally in a class of their own.

Choices of Metal and Finishes

From heated towel rails for bathrooms to panel radiators which can be hung in a drawing room for visual effect, there are endless possibilities. However, one of the choices you will need to make is the type of metal the radiator is crafted from. Each metal has features which are functional whilst having features that are aesthetically pleasing as well. Some people prefer a matte finish whilst others want a highly polished mirror effect.

High Shine Finishes are Trending

Recently we have noticed that our customers are after extreme lustre and as a result we have begun carrying a larger selection of highly polished stainless steel and chrome radiators. The newest trend is chrome so we have dedicated a whole segment of our website to chrome radiators. We currently keep two of the most popular in stock, but we can also special order chrome radiators from some of the major manufacturers such as MHS and Bisque. Before ordering chrome however there are some characteristics of a chrome radiator which you should become familiar with.

Pros and Cons of Chrome

Most people choose chrome because of its shine since it is well known that chrome does not exchange heat as efficiently as some other metals such as aluminium or steel. Actually, any shiny surface will not emit heat nearly as efficiently as matte or coloured surfaces. Therefore, chrome radiators are best used in interior rooms that may not need the output of an outer room with exterior windows or a larger room that will also require higher outputs. On the other hand, there is nothing quite like a chrome radiator when it comes to that 1950’s or 60’s retro look. Not even polished stainless steel can come close to an authentic chrome radiator.

Seta Designer Chrome Radiator

One of our most popular radiators is the Seta Designer Chrome Radiator that does come in a choice of colours and finishes but the trendiest of those is the chrome. This is why we have it especially listed on our chrome radiators page because it has become so popular in chrome. With its pepperpot tops and wide tubes, this is the absolute perfect radiator to hang in a room done in retro. The Seta is available in a wide variety of heights and widths and it is one chrome radiator that can provide high output because of these options.

Italian Made RT Chrome Radiator

The other chrome radiator we always carry in our London showroom is the RT which is an Italian model, made to order and always a crowd pleaser. This particular chrome radiator has t-bone shaped tubing from which it gets its name and this particular model is designed to perform well with high output even though the surface is chrome. The RT comes in two heights (1500mm or 1800 mm) and three widths (215mm, 325mm or 435mm). Since the RT is made to order, we ask that you understand it may take up to four weeks for delivery but worth every moment of the wait.

Special Ordering Chrome Radiators

As well, companies such as MHS and Bisque also manufacture a number of other chrome radiator models which we would be happy to special order for you. We have a ‘price match’ promise which means that we will match any competitor’s price and in most cases you will find that we even beat their prices. If you are looking for a chrome radiator because of that hard to beat shiny surface, we can find the radiator you are looking for.

If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it which is why we have become the premier source for chrome designer radiators in the UK. Visit our showroom or browse our online catalogue. You will find that there isn’t a radiator supplier in the UK, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, that can match our quality customer service and reasonable prices. Don’t forget we provide free delivery to England, Wales and to parts of Scotland. Anyone living in Northern Scotland should call for further details.