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We have one of the largest ranges of Designer Radiators in Europe. You will find a large variety and choice suitable for all tastes and needs. Please take your time to browse through our range of Vertical Radiators, Horizontal Radiators and other more exoticaly shaped Radiators, we have something for everyone! If you have any questions or cannot see a particular model you are interested in then please give us a call on our freephone number, 0800 055 6450, our friendly and expert staff will only be happy to help.

An Amazing Assortment of Trendy Designer Radiators

When looking for a radiator that provides the same efficiency as a classic cast iron floor model but with a contemporary design that will blend unobtrusively with modern décor, you are probably looking for one of our large range of designer radiators. Not only does the Radiator Gallery have one of the largest selections of designer radiators in all of Europe, but we have some unique and exciting designs which are exclusive to us.

More than just blending well with your current design scheme, we have a huge number of designer radiators that actually complement your home. In fact, many of our designs are often mistaken for works of art unlike their ancestors of long ago. Browse around our full range of designer radiators and you are sure to find what you are looking for in terms of heat and design and at the most affordable prices in the UK.

History of Designer Radiators in the UK

There was a time when just about every home and flat in the UK had a cast iron radiator in every room and they were taken for granted as a necessity, even if they were an interior decorator’s nightmare. Most of the time they were white or silver in colour, a few were painted odd colours as well, but always they took up floor space and detracted from the furnishings and overall appeal of the room.

In the later 1970’s a man with an amazing vision began designing radiators that were crafted to fit in smaller spaces whilst adding a flash of artistry to the room. Geoffrey Ward, founder of now world famous Bisque Radiators, introduced designer radiators to the UK in 1979 and today they are one of the hottest selling trends amongst homeowners and businesses alike.

More than three decades have passed since those first designer radiators were introduced to England and today this is a thriving industry with tons of competition. It is true that Bisque designer radiators remain amongst the most innovative and best-selling of all radiators today but there is also a whole host of other trendy manufacturers out there also with a novel line of contemporary designer radiators.

Another company that has contributed to the history of designer radiators and has built a long-standing reputation for designs and quality products is MHS Radiators, also based in the UK. Both Bisque and MHS radiators remain amongst our best selling products as they continue to evolve, keeping up with current trends in home décor. Many of their best-selling models have won international acclaim in design and performance.

Popular Designer Radiators and Their Designers

Today there is some amount of competition in the industry, even though Bisque and MHS remain industry leaders to contend with. For example, who could compete with the Hose Designer Radiator which actually looks the part. It’s as if you have a garden hose hanging in your family room, kitchen or solarium, but it is a full-fledged radiator giving off warmth as well as style.

Then take for example the elegance of the Arteplano Designer Radiator by Bisque. Heating tubes are unobtrusively hidden behind a beautifully crafted metal plate which comes in two etched finishes. Each of these amazingly stylish radiators will be unique to you due to the process of etching. The Arteplano comes in an assortment of colours to choose from which can accent literally any room done in any scheme.

Another amazing company to contend with is AEON as some of their radiators are indeed works of art. Of particular note is their smaller geometric radiator of squares within squares called the Coffer. This particular model works quite well in a smaller room such as a bathroom or den and it leans toward modern décor, but may work equally well with an Egyptian or African motif.

Of course, who could resist the Radiator Gallery’s one-of-a-kind The Joker Art Designer Radiator? This is exclusive to us so you will not find it anywhere for any price. Batman and Robin move over as this fantastic bit of artistry will capture the attention of literally anyone entering the room and it does come in two sizes. Perfect for men but this design also works well in lounges. This one will keep them talking awhile!

Although there is an assortment of other fantastic designers, one more company which bears mentioning is Aestus because their designs truly are unique and awe-inspiring. Particularly worthy of our attention is the Bernini G@ut Designer Radiator designed by Luca Bolognese. The designer, himself, is Italian but Aestus is British all the way. Cast from aluminium, the Bernini G@ut comes in an exclusive choice of leaf finishes including copper, gold and silver.

Designer Radiators by Type and Style

Within our full range of designer radiators you will have an amazing choice based on the type of radiator you are looking for such as vertical, horizontal, floor-mounted and of course the metal from which it is made. As well, you can choose from styles such as art deco, retro, and anything between Victorian and the modern era. Unfortunately, not many designs predate the Victorian era since that’s when the first radiators were employed as a heating solution. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect radiator for your home or office.

  • Vertical Designer Radiators – These radiators are most often wall-mounted and as the name would suggest they are longer in height than they are wide. Some however are done asymmetrically such as the Demitour Designer Radiator that is one of our best selling models.
  • Horizontal Designer Radiators – Here again, the name tells it all as these are wider than they are long and are also commonly wall-mounted radiators. One of our personal favourites is the Joker which was mentioned above, but we are also quite fond of the Volcano with its unique and innovative horseshoe shaped tubes.
  • Stainless Steel Designer Radiators – The Athena Designer Radiator is one of our most popular models as it works well with almost any era of design. It is both classic and modern as it is a vertical radiator with the Infini Mirror paired sleek columns. Not only is it a lovely space saving option but it produces heat and provides a mirror for those last minute ‘touch-ups.’
  • Lightweight & Efficient Aluminium Radiators – So far we have been mentioning radiators which are new in design yet retain that heaviness inherent in traditional radiators. Aluminium designer radiators like the Big One are sure to attract attention but are as amazingly efficient at the same time.
  • Column Designer Radiators – The Ancona Stock Designer Radiator is one of our most popular floor mounted models as it is sleek and fits quite close to the wall. The design is much more contemporary than the traditional floor mounted style as the lines are sharp and straight. A perfect choice for modern décor in an older renovated building with fittings in place on the floor.
  • Panel Designer Radiators – Here is where art meets the heating industry and the intersection is simply astonishing. The outer panel on the radiator hides from view the heating mechanism so that anyone entering the room simply sees a work of art. One of our best selling models is the Electrotechnique Designer Radiator done in geometric designs in pastels.
  • Chrome Designer Radiators – Contrary to what you may believe when hearing about chrome radiators, these are not always done up in that highly polished finish we have come to associate with chrome. Take for example the Seta Designer Radiator that comes in a choice of white, matte black, metallica or the traditional polished chrome.
  • Ultra Chic Black Designer Radiators – Two of our all-time favorite black radiators are the Zebtoo Designer Radiator and the Flat Designer Radiator. Whilst the Zebtoo is ideal for that retro 50’s home with its reds and black & white checkerboard motif, the Flat Designer Radiator is the perfect accoutrement for the sleek, stark lines of the modern home or apartment.

Because there are so many types and styles to choose from, you may forget that these amazingly attractive designer radiators also serve a purpose. Yes, they are designed for the added dimension of artistry they bring to any room, but keep in mind that they are also functional so there is more to consider when making your choice.

Will I Sacrifice Heat for Style?

One of the first questions which many of our customers ask is whether they will sacrifice heat when purchasing a trendy designer radiator. The answer to that is quite simple really. Whether you are using a traditional cast iron floor mounted radiator or a wall mounted vertical or horizontal radiator, the amount of heat you get is directly related to the amount of BTUs it can put out.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do one of two things, or both. First, use our handy BTU calculator on this site in which you can estimate how many BTUs you will need based on the size and features of any room. Secondly, talk to the heating or plumbing contractor who will be doing the installation for you as they can accurately calculate how much power you will need. This brings us to another important point, installation.

Does the Radiator Gallery Install My New Designer Radiator?

We can actually help you with everything you need from choosing your designer radiator to ordering parts such as valves and fittings but the one thing we do not do is installations. We can help you with everything but that. What we can do is tell you what to look for in a radiator installer and we can point you in the right direction as to where to find a qualified plumber of heating contractor. We are not contractors but we are one of the largest suppliers of designer radiators in all of Europe.

Make Sure to Explore Your Options

As mentioned above, you can almost control the amount of heat in the room by calculating your needs in terms of BTUs, but you can also choose a variety of colours, metal finishes and even sizes and orientations. For instance, some of our most popular designer radiators offer the choice between vertical and horizontal orientation. A good example of this would be the Volcano Cubed Horizontal Designer Radiator which is also available in a vertical model as well.

You will notice that they cannot be interchanged as the fittings need to be near the floor where the pipes generally enter. Of course a plumber or heating contractor could change the location the entry point for the pipes if you wanted to change the orientation, but why would you want to? That pipe coming out of your wall midway up would certainly be an eyesore!

If We Don’t Have It – We Can Get It!

Although we can’t guarantee to get every designer radiator on the market, there is a very good chance that if it’s manufactured, we can get it for you. You will find that our prices are amongst the most reasonable anywhere in the UK. Keep in mind that we can have our stock designer radiators out to you within three to five days but special orders can take up to four weeks. If you have any questions or would like assistance choosing the right radiator for your home or place of business, we are available to assist you in any way we can.

You have the option of calling us on our free number at 0800 055 6450, you can drop us an email. You can even chat with us live online during our hours of operation. In fact, many people prefer this as they can look at the picture while typing their questions. In this way, they can refer to exactly what they are talking about. We are here to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us so that you can be happy knowing you have chosen the best designer radiator for your needs.