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Our Cast Iron Radiator range feature a choice of period radiators that are manufacturered to the highest of standards. If you are looking for something more modern, please take a look at our Designer Radiators section. If you have any questions or cannot see a particular model you are interested in then please give us a call on our freephone number 0800 055 6450.

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Cast Iron Radiators Then and Now

Until just a few decades ago, the only radiators in existence were traditional cast iron radiators and many older homes in the UK were heated in this way. With the advent of central heating wood, natural gas, coal and electric furnaces, many newer homes had these systems installed.

Nonetheless, there is still a sizeable percentage of older homes in the UK as well as throughout Europe that rely on radiators to heat their homes in the winter. The Radiator Gallery carries a number of models and if there is a specific style you are looking for, if we don’t have it, chances are we can get it special ordered for you.

Making the Choice between Refurbished and New

Unfortunately, when your radiator is no longer putting out the heat required to keep your home warm, you are left with a dilemma. Should you have it refurbished or simply buy a new one? In most cases it is cheaper just to buy one that is new because they are so inexpensive that the cost of repairing the old one would not be practical. As well, our traditional cast iron radiators are crafted in such a way that they are often mistaken for authentic period pieces. The main difference is that today’s manufacturing methods produce far superior products.

The History of Cast Iron Radiators

As history has it, the first cast iron radiators were invented by Joseph Nason during the 1860’s and the first radiators were single pipe steam radiators. While we still have a number of homes utilising these early models, many have been replaced with replicas over time. Steam radiators were not seen to be as efficient as they should be so hot water radiators evolved as a result.

As steam cooled, condensation formed which then ran back down the same pipe steam was coming up through. The water would be heated again, and the process was in continual motion drop after drop. Hot water radiators, on the other hand, were developed so that hot water was fed up to the radiator rather than steam. It would run through the coils and as it did so, of course it would cool off. The cool water ran back down a pipe on the opposite side of the radiator, back to the boiler. The water would be continually cycled.

Five Popular Stock Models to Choose From

Currently we carry five stock models which you can order and these will usually arrive within three to four weeks. All of our cast iron radiators come in an assortment of finishes whilst some allow for a choice of colours. From Gothic to Victorian, all of our period radiators are modelled to closely resemble their ancestors. Styles we carry include:

  • Victoriana 2 Cast Iron Radiator – This particular cast iron radiator was first manufactured in the United States in the 1880’s and was later produced in the UK during Victorian times. Our Victoriana 2 Cast Iron Radiator is almost a perfect replica of the original and with its classic lines can be used equally well in older homes as well as in more contemporary settings.
  • Gothic Cast Iron Radiator – Although this radiator is called ‘Gothic’ it doesn’t really replicate anything from that time in history as the gothic era predated the advent of radiators by some 800 years. However, the Gothic Cast Iron Radiator is done in a style that resembles architectural designs of the period. This particular model comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes.
  • Cherub Cast Iron Radiator – This is truly one of our most popular classic radiators as it is ornately designed with cherubs (of course!), vines, dragons and lions. It perfectly replicates radiators from the late 1800’s. Inspired by French fashions in radiators, the Cherub Cast Iron Radiator is the perfect period piece which can be polished or finished with primer or topcoat.
  • Montrose Cast Iron Radiator – One of our favourites here at the Radiator Gallery is the Montrose Cast Iron Radiator. With its twin columns and beautifully designed floral pattern, this is perhaps the most elegant of all cast iron radiators to be found anywhere for any price. As with the Cherub, the Montrose can be polished or finished with primer or topcoat.
  • Bartrum Cast Iron Radiator – Some older homes are already ornate enough so that an elaborately designed radiator would be overkill. The Bartrum Cast Iron Radiator is the perfect embellishment for such a décor. This particular model is a favourite amongst customers in the London showroom and it should be known that this little beauty puts out an amazing amount of heat.

No matter which design you choose, each radiator is guaranteed to surpass the original after which it was modelled in terms of heat and structural integrity. Although our prices are amongst the most reasonable to be found, our quality never lacks.

Installing a Cast Iron Radiator

We always suggest that you hire a professional heating contractor or a plumber to install your new cast iron radiator for you. Although it is possible to do it yourself, there are other considerations which you may not be aware of. This would be a great time to have your furnace/boiler to be inspected as well as the pipes running to and from your radiator. In fact, if you need any fitting or valves, you can order them at the same time as you order your radiator so everything will arrive ready to be quickly installed.

Over the years we have built a reputation of providing quality products at prices that are reasonable. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you and if you have any questions simply call us on 0800 055 6450 or fill out the brief enquiry here on our site. You can also chat live with one of our representatives during hours of operation. Simply look down at the far right hand corner on the bottom of your browser, and click on the pink chat button. If we are not available, leave contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.