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Designer Radiators are Latest DIY Must-have

Designer Radiators are Latest DIY Must-have

In the current economic climate more and more people are spending on their homes rather than moving on.

One of the most popular interior design trends of the last few years is the designer radiator.

These fully functioning central heating systems can be ultra modern, personalised or updated versions of the old Victorian radiators.

Interior Design Architect Alex Simpson said they are like pieces of art and work well in the home or in businesses.

“Rather than having just the big, ugly rad under the window where it’s about function with very little form [it’s moved on]. It’s something radiator manufacturers have looked into and said ‘Well look these are things that people need but what can we do to make them a little bit more interesting’.

“A radiator as we know is something that heats your house but in a lot of cases you get somebody in who puts the rads in.  It’s a big white block against the wall or under the window and it’s a necessary evil. They don’t look very nice.”

Leading the way in the industry is London based The Radiator Gallery.  Visitors coming into the shop could be forgiven for thinking they’ve stumbled into the capital’s newest Art Gallery, so varied and magnificent are the pieces.

Alex Simpson believes they are leading the way in interior design .

“Companies like The Radiator Gallery have taken the next step and said let’s try and work with the design community and give them something that’s pleasing to the eye.

If you want to put something in a museum, an office,  or a reception area where you want a wow factor, this could’ve been ruined by a big bland radiator sitting in the corner but those things have changed, you could maybe make a feature out of it. I see it as a good step,” he said.

So spectacular are the pieces by artists such as Karim Rashid and Michael Cinier that  many customers forget that they have a purpose and can also heat their rooms.

Susan Jordan, owner of The Radiator Gallery said visitors are always impressed with their designs.

“People come into the shop and browse around, they genuinely can’t believe how many different radiators we have to buy.” 

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