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Craighaar Hotel Installs Designer Radiators

Craighaar Hotel Installs Designer Radiators

When The Craighaar Hotel in Aberdeen decided to refurbish their accommodation, even the radiators got changed.  In this interview the hotel’s Regional Manager, Arlene Wilson outlines why they purchased designer radiators from The Radiator Gallery and how the new central heating system proved a winner with guests.

Why did the Craighaar Hotel look to get designer radiators?

We need to keep up with the competition in the area. We need to offer some differential to the product  that everyone else is offering and The Radiator Gallery seemed to have a massive range for us to choose from. We looked at various suppliers, mainly over the internet and they seemed to have the biggest selection and certainly had a very good range.

The designer radiators are like works of art aren’t they?

They really are, some more than others. There are some phenomenal radiators, they’re great.

Do you see them as part of your interior design?

Absolutely, the thing that struck me most after we did the refurbishment was the amount of people and customers and guests who commented on radiators. I didn’t think it was even possible for anyone to notice a radiator.

What type of things did they say about them?

How they really like the radiators and they’re pretty modern. It’s strange that radiators could cause such a stir. The style we chose was Arc . We chose an Arc chrome single row.

And the radiators played a big part in the hotel’s refurbishment?

Everything in the room got changed. We refurbished the whole room and everything got stripped out. We wanted to make it a little bit funky and a little bit different and the price was great for such a good looking radiator and they really look a lot more expensive than they were. We have them in 40 bedrooms and we liked them so much we’ve put them in various corridors and public areas as well.

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