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Could underground water heat designer radiators?

Could underground water heat designer radiators?

Designer Radiators could soon be powered by hot water lurking more than a mile below the Earth’s surface.

Geologists believe radiators in thousands of homes could be fuelled this way.

The findings have been made by a team from Newcastle University after they started drilling at the former site of the city’s Scottish and Newcastle Brewery .

The scientists discovered water in sandstone that had been warmed to 42C by naturally occurring radiation found in granite. They hope to continue to 6,500ft, where the temperature is expected to nearly double to 82C.

The water couldn’t be put into heating systems directly as it has a high salt content. If the scheme, which could provide enough energy to heat around 11,000 nearby homes, went ahead, its geothermal energy would be harvested and used to warm clean water.

Although the initial investment is expensive, the environmentally friendly source would be expected to be substantially cheaper than traditional fossil fuels in the long-term.

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