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A Designer Radiator Formula

A Designer Radiator Formula

The creation process involved in making a designer radiator means there are effectively two completely different worlds colliding – art and engineering.

If you have seen some of the designer radiators over at the main Radiator Gallery site, you will know exactly what we mean; beautiful and outrageous design blending perfectly with working mechanics.

I wonder what goes on in the mind of a designer radiator creator.

Design: Beginning with nothing to create something beautiful.

Exploration: Explore and express an inner thought in an outward show of extravagance.

Statement: Be as bold and daring as you can to unearth hidden gems.

Innovation: Make changes for the good.

Grand: Don’t settle for mediocre if your dreams are grand.

New: Start afresh if it doesn’t feel right.

Evolution: Forward thinking, unafraid of the future.

Revolution: Determine to convince others that change is good.

Radical: Reforming old ideas with surprise and sparkle.

Adventure: Have faith that the journey will be worth it.

Demonstrate: Expertise is rare, so be confident in your ideas.

Imagination: Believe in the unseen for unexpected rewards.

Assemble: Gather and store information to create value.

Thinking: Exercising the mind strengthens creativity.

Order: Chaos from order or order from chaos is a designer’s prerogative.

Reflection: A completed project deserves contemplative reflection.

Satisfaction: The goal has been reached and the victory won.

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