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Browse our website to find radiators from all of Europe's top manufacturers. Our UK showroom, houses Britain's largest range of radiators of all shapes, sizes and styles as well as a fine selection of radiator valves. It is conveniently located by car just off the M11 and North Circular (A406) and 10 minutes from the M25.

Our unbeatable prices and expert customer service sets us apart from our competitors. We have staff on call from within our website (Just click the orange Questions? speech bubble bottom right of every page) as well as being available 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday on our Freephone number – 0800 055 6450.

Browse our website to find radiators from all of Europe's top manufacturers. Our UK showroom, houses Britain's largest range of radiators of all shapes, sizes and styles as well as a fine selection of radiator valves. It is conveniently located by car just off the M11 and North Circular (A406) and 10 minutes from the M25.

Our unbeatable prices and expert customer service sets us apart from our competitors. We have staff on call from within our website (Just click the orange Questions? speech bubble bottom right of every page) as well as being available 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday on our Freephone number – 0800 055 6450.

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The Wonderful World of Modern Radiator Design

Finding the perfect radiator for your home or flat can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look and exactly how many lovely designs are available to choose from. At the Radiator Gallery we have literally any type of radiator anyone could ever want, and even better, if we don’t have it, let us find it for you. With suppliers in the UK as well as throughout Europe and the entire world, if you are looking for a specific cast iron radiator, electric radiator, vertical radiator, heated towel warmer or a trendy designer radiator, we are your true one stop source.

As you browse our site you will see some of the most innovative trends in radiators and while you are here, learn about radiators from their very beginnings in the late 19th Century to today’s eclectic mix of fashionable radiators that are often mistaken for works of art. Learn how radiators work, which type and style is best suited for your needs and while you’re here explore the information we have provided to help you every step along the way in choosing your new radiator. About the only thing we don’t do is install them for you.

A Look Back at the History of Radiators

The earliest radiators were developed in the 1860’s by Joseph Nason. This type of radiator is still in existence today but is not the most efficient as it had only one pipe coming from a source of steam. The steam would come up from the boiler and as the steam heated the coils in the radiator it would evaporate and drain down the same pipe back to the boiler where it was heated for its journey back up as steam.

The next type of radiator which was developed came much later and it was a hot water radiator with two pipes, one which brought hot water up from the boiler and one which returned the cooled water back to be heated, starting the cycle over again. It would be more than a century before trendy modern style radiators were first introduced to the UK.

History of Radiator Design in the Twentieth Century

Early steam and hot water radiators were fashioned from heavy cast iron and they were freestanding, typically near the coldest outside wall. In the late 1970’s, 1979 to be exact, Geoffrey Ward, the founder of Bisque radiators, introduced modern contemporary styled radiators to the United Kingdom. Bisque has remained one of the top names in radiator designs and has recently been voted a ‘CoolBrand’ for the 2009 – 2010 showing.

Although Bisque, founded in London, is still one of the names to contend with, MHS also has a full line of modern radiators as does AEON, The Radiator Company, Aestus and Eskimo. Modern radiator history started with one man with a vision in the late 1970’s and has evolved to a business that has literally taken the world of radiators by storm.

Different Types of Radiators

One thing to learn about radiators is that they all tend to fall in categories by type as well as design. For instance, there are steam radiators, hot water radiators, electric radiators, some of which work well with conventional heating systems whilst others do not. Then there are Cast Iron Radiators, aluminium radiators, steel radiators and chrome radiators all of which can have different types of finishes and some can even be painted.

Then there is a new breed of radiators which have been growing in popularity over the past 30 plus years and that is known commonly today as the designer radiator, most of these are wall mounted. Not to be discounted are dual energy radiators which work off the boiler in the winter but during summer months can be run off electricity when the boiler is shut down. As well, there is a new type of trendy radiator which works as both a heat source and as a work of art. These provide heat to the body and a nice warm, cosy feeling for the spirit just to take in their aesthetic beauty.

Amazing Choice in Radiator Finishes

At one time all radiators were simply cast iron and sometimes you would see them painted white. This led to the question as to whether or not radiators could be painted. Actually, those early painted cast iron radiators were often painted for a reason. Paint tends to diffuse the heat so that anyone inadvertently touching the radiator wasn’t as likely to get burned. You would often see painted radiators in homes with small children. Today, because there is such a wide assortment of materials from which radiators are designed, you can see a wealth of finishes that are simply mind-boggling.

From chrome, aluminium, steel and cast iron, radiators can be painted in any colour of the visible spectrum, they can be matte finished, brushed metal, shiny metallic and they can even have flat surfaces with works of art covering the coils and sometimes ambient lighting shining through as well. Choices in radiator finishes have come a long way in recent decades which is why it is so important to take the time to explore the many options you are given at the Radiator Gallery. There isn’t a radiator distributor in all of the UK that can offer you the wide variety of radiator finish available right here in our showroom.

Practical Radiator Use

Like most products radiators need to be cared for properly in order for them to last. We provide here a practical guide on correct usage.

How Radiators Are Mounted

In the early days, most radiators were free-standing, mounted to the floor near a wall as they were always heavy cast iron in those days. Replicas of vintage cast iron radiators are still manufactured today, but this specific type is obviously too heavy to be mounted on a wall – unless you are a cave dweller with solid rock walls, that is. One thing which all radiators should have in common is that they should be mounted in the coldest area of the building, usually near or against an outside wall.

Sometimes it is also suggested that you mount your radiator under a window if that happens to be the coldest area in the room. Of course, if you have a modern style picture radiator like The Joker, you will want it mounted high enough on a wall where the visual effects of this work of art can truly be appreciated. No one needs to know it is a radiator, after all. It certainly doesn’t look like one.

How Radiators Function

Traditional radiators function in one of two ways. They either work with steam or with hot water. In either case, they are manufactured with one or two pipes. Steam radiators have only one pipe because the steam comes in, is circulated throughout the coils in order to heat the entire unit. As steam cools it evaporates and water then drains down the same pipe the steam came up in order to be heated in the boiler once again to begin the process anew.

In hot water radiators, there are two pipes, one which carries heated water up to the radiator and one which carries cooled water back to the boiler to be heated. Both steam and hot water radiators depend on a boiler system to heat the water. However, within the past few decades there has been a hybrid developed that works with steam or hot water in the winter and then when the heating system is shut down for the summer months, the radiator becomes an electric heat source for those cooler spring and autumn days.

Functionality of Contemporary Radiators

One of the most common misconceptions in regards to modern radiators is that they don’t function with the same level of efficiency as traditional cast iron radiators. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, some of today’s contemporary radiators are convective as well as radiant which means that they can function just as well, if not better than those bulky, but lovely Victorian radiators.

While traditional radiators are not as prone to hot and cold spots, some flats or rooms within a home don’t have space allocated for a standalone radiator. Even so, most of the top-of-the-line contemporary styled radiators of today function with just as much efficiency and some are even said to be more efficient than their ancestors. Keep in mind that there are two types of heat to be concerned with, convective and radiant, so that the radiator you choose should be based on performance as well as artistry.

How to Calculate BTUs

Before looking at which one of the hundreds of radiators we have in stock at The Radiator Gallery, it is important to understand how much heat they can provide. Without getting too overly technical, a radiator’s performance is measured in how many BTUs it can provide. We learned in school that BTU is the measure of energy, the British thermal unit, in which a heater’s or air conditioner’s performance is measured. One BTU is roughly the amount of energy needed in order to heat one pound of water to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 degrees Celsius).

This is more involved than the average homeowner wants to get and the calculations can be long and arduous. For your convenience we have provided a handy BTU calculator so that you can determine what type and size radiator you will need to meet your heating requirements. Our calculator will start with the type of room to be heated. The choices given include:

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Conservatory

Next you need to factor in if there are windows and what type of windows you have. Choices the calculator gives you include single glazed and double glazed. Next the BTU calculator takes into consideration the location of your home. Is it sheltered, average or exposed. Once those questions have all been answered, you are given two ways of entering the measurements of the room in question. Thankfully you can calculate your BTU requirements in metres or feet.

Keep in mind that we do not install your new radiator and we suggest that you only hire a licensed plumber or heating engineer to do the installation for you. If you feel that you may not be ready to purchase the correct size, even after having used the BTU calculator, talk to the specialist who will be installing the radiator for you. The plumber or heating contractor will be able to tell you if the radiator you have chosen will have sufficient heat for the area you want to keep warm.

Full Range of Radiators

When browsing through the Radiator Gallery site you will notice that we have a category for each type of radiator. For example you will find Designer Radiators, cast iron radiators, heated towel rails, vertical Radiators and even radiator valves. To make what you are looking for easier, you can simply click on a category or you can choose the option that says ‘full range.’ Instead of viewing only the most popular, you will be taken to all the radiators within that category.

We have provided this easy search option for you so that you don’t miss out on the hundreds of fantastic radiators by making them too hard to find. Those options on the first page of each category are the truly the most popular, but within each type of radiator we have a full range of radiators for you to choose from so that you can find just what you are looking for with a minimal amount of trouble. For example, if you know that you want an innovative modern styled radiator but you don’t know which style or manufacturer, simply click the ‘full range’ from the relevant categories drop down menu and you will instantly be transported to pages of the most sought after radiators in that particular range or style.

Cast Iron Radiators

One of the questions which many people ask in reference to cast iron radiators is whether it would be more cost effective to simply have their current radiator serviced and repaired. Unfortunately, the answer to that is an emphatic “No!” Today’s cast iron radiators are done in perfect replicas of those from yesteryear except they are manufactured by much higher standards and they come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the loveliest replica radiators is the Montrose Cast Iron Radiator that is embellished with a floral design and quite reminiscent of a piece direct from the Victorian era. What distinguishes a Victorian cast iron radiator from an Italianate radiator from the same time is that Victorian radiators are ornate whilst Italianate are unembellished. These radiators are in fact so inexpensive, that it would be quite difficult to find a plumber or heating specialist qualified enough to repair your old radiator for what you could purchase a new out-of-the-box model for.

Vertical Radiators

When referring to vertical radiators we are talking about one that goes perpendicular to the floor but these can also be at a slight angle as some of our range of radiators tends to do. Some are not totally flush to the wall, but most of the time you are looking at a radiator that runs from bottom to top hung from a wall. There are a few elegant free standing Vertical Radiators, but those are a select few designer models and not the typical radiator.

Most often a vertical radiator is mounted on a wall and of those you could say that most of them are contemporary in style. Some are cylinders whilst others are geometric designs. Others still have a canvas or work of art on the front and to the uninformed person you would never know that was a radiator. Many times wall mounted radiators are mistaken for sculptures and of course, works of art. Most operate just as floor models do unless they are not tied into your central heating system and simply contain an electric element under the canvas. These are not very common however as the traditional one or two pipe radiators comprise most vertical models.

Designer Radiators

Even a generation ago, designer radiators were, for the most part, totally unheard of. In our grandparents’ day the closest thing to a designer radiator was the antique Victorian cast iron radiator which is seen in so many of the older homes throughout the UK. Once Geoffrey Ward founded Bisque, a whole new perspective was added to the industry and today there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of unique and unusual contemporary radiators heating homes throughout the UK and around the globe.

Since there are so many innovative designs from which to choose, it would be next to impossible to find a radiator that didn’t suit you. Of course you are looking for the heat they can provide but you will also want a radiator that goes with your décor. From antique replicas to ultra sleek and modern wall mounted radiators, there is literally a radiator for every room in every home or commercial building. The only thing you need will be a central heating unit, a boiler, and you have what it takes to turn that work of art into a full-fledged heat source.

Bisque Radiators

Speaking of designers, it wouldn’t be fair to talk about modern radiators without mentioning the company that started it all. The company was founded by an amazingly intuitive entrepreneur in the late 1970’s, Geoffrey Ward, and is still going strong today. With cutting edge, award winning designs, Bisque is one of the few truly remarkable manufacturers of radiators in the world. Not only is their technology on the cutting edge, designs like the famous B2 radiators are gracing contemporary homes throughout the UK and beyond. With its unique modular grid pattern, it is the iconic piece for ultra-modern décor. Friends and family alike will never believe that it is not a piece of modern art and will only believe so when they feel the warmth radiating from it. Each panel is set so that they lay at different distances from the wall giving it an astonishing three dimensional look.

MHS Radiators

Another leader in modern radiator design is the company MHS, again a UK based business supplying some of the world’s most renowned contemporary radiators. In fact, many of their designs are amazingly avant garde such as the Hose Radiator. What a lovely addition to a solarium or conservatory this would make. Not only would it embellish the décor but what a conversation piece! A radiator shaped like a garden hose with over 20 metres of hose, and with the two spigots on either side, it truly could pass for just that.

Another of the distinctive designs by MHS is the Deck Radiator that is patterned in a weave and small enough to be placed on the wall in an alcove, on a stairwell or even in a bathroom or hallway. Styled in a minimalist fashion, this particular design actually does look more like modern art than a radiator. For its small size it puts out a remarkable amount of heat, rated between 2800 and 3700 BTUs.

Some of the World’s Leading Designers

Behind every company there is a designer, an artist, who brings creativity to life with his or her designs. Each and every radiator should be viewed in terms of both artistry as well as performance. Whilst some of the featured ‘designers’ are not really radiator designers, they still bear honourable mention for the way they have impacted the industry. Here are a few of the top radiator designers who have helped to shape the industry as it is today.


– Although Banksy is not a radiator designer, several of his works are seen gracing modern vertical radiators with the canvas masking the coils. We, at The Radiator Gallery, are proud to exclusively carry the Banksy Balloon Girl radiator. Not only is Banksy an artist but he is a political activist and his satirical street graffiti is famous worldwide. Born in the Bristol underground, his works fetch top prices wherever they are shown.


Paul Priestman
– Although the award winning designs of one of Bisque’s most talented designers are not currently in our showroom, he has been credited with such award winning designs as the Hot Spring, Hot Hoop and Outline. In 1999 his collaboration with Geoffrey Ward on the Hot Spring, won the pair worldwide recognition and it was chosen by the Design council as a Millennium product and purchased by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the United States. His ingenuity however can be seen in many of the designs by Bisque that we do carry.


Leo Salzedo
– As the designer of the Archibald Heated Towel Rail, this is another of the talented young artists affiliated with Bisque. Leo hails from Padua, Italy and studied at Scuola Italian Design in Padua. His designs are seen in such other multinational companies as Electrolux, Sony Ericsson and The Absolut Company.


Paolo Schianchi
– It seems as if Bisque has taken the cream of the crop as yet another Italian born designer/architect has designs manufactured by Bisque. Educated in Germany, Austria and Finland, Schianchi is most known at Bisque for his Stecca Radiator. Specialising in bathroom design, many of his creations are specifically created for this room.


Francesco Dori
– Born in Tuscany, Bisque has manufactured the designs of this ingenious Italian who is the co-designer of the Zanzibar. From high fashion to home décor, Dori is one of those whose designs appeal to today’s cosmopolitan urban crowd.


Mario Talin
– Along with Dori, Mario Talin is credited as being one of the co-designers of Bisque’s Zanzibar. Other radiators by Talin are the Seta and the Setsquare. In reality, Mario is one a radiator designer in the true sense of the word. With a background in industrial design, Talin specialises in radiators and was actually the pioneer of tube-in-tube radiator technology as seen in the Seta Radiator. The remarkable technology in the Seta is able to reduce water content whilst simultaneously increasing heat output. This is a maximum efficiency radiator we are proud to carry.


Heated Towel Rail

Some of the larger older homes did indeed have radiators in the bathrooms, which is probably where the concept for the heated towel rail was conceived. In today’s ultra sleek bathrooms there is oftentimes barely room for the wash basin, let alone a radiator which is why the heated towel rail is such a novel idea. Not only can these heated rails have your towel nice and cosy warm when you step out of the tub or shower, but they do put off enough heat to warm up the room to a comfortable degree.

One of the most popular heated towel rails of course is the Archibald mentioned above designed by Leo Salzedo and manufactured by Bisque. However, three of the all time favourites which we carry at The Radiator Gallery are considered to be ‘traditional heated towel rails’ such as the Lynford, the Nexus Grand 3 and the Nexus Grand 4 heated towel rails. Although they are larger floor mounted rails that necessitate a bit more space, they are sleek and not as cumbersome as many floor mounted radiators.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators and Storage Radiators

As mentioned above, paint was often used to dissipate heat on the surface of the radiator so that children and anyone accidentally touching it wouldn’t get burned. This was most often seen with those beautifully ornate Victorian radiators that had often been painted white, but pink was a common colour as well. In keeping with the UK National Health Service (NHS), radiators are now manufactured specifically to keep the surface cool enough to the touch so that inadvertent burns can be avoided. This is the most common type of radiator which is in use today in the bedrooms of children or in the homes of disabled persons.

Storage radiators are actually a type of electric radiator that does just what the name says it does. It stores heat. A storage radiator works during the night hours when the demand on the electricity grid is much lower. The main idea is to produce a lot of heat that will be stored in order to be discharged during the day. Many consumers find this type of radiator to be cost effective, especially if they don’t have a boiler to use with a traditional radiator.

Assorted Radiator Hardware

Don’t forget that you will also need an assortment of hardware for your new radiator as we don’t do the installation for you. Of prime importance is the radiator valve. Most of today’s radiators do require a valve which we carry a huge selection of. These tend to fall into four main categories consisting of full range valves, manual radiator valves, thermostatic radiator valves and traditional radiator valves. Traditional valves look just like they did in the time of Queen Victoria when ornate cast iron radiators became widely used. They look just like a water spigot coming out of the floor with a small round handle/knob.

Anyone who has ever visited one of the older buildings in the UK has undoubtedly seen one of these radiator valves and may be thinking they all look and work the same. If you are in doubt as to which type of radiator valve you will need to order for your new radiator, speak with a member of our knowledgeable and courteous staff. You can call the free phone number, chat online during business hours or even send an email with your question. Whether it is a radiator you are looking for or radiator hardware, we are here to serve you.

Finding a Qualified Professional Radiator Installer

As we do not install any of our radiators, it is important that you find only a qualified plumber or heating engineer to do the installation for you. Many people want a DIY radiator which can be done if you have the mechanical knowledge to handle the job. It is more than simply removing the old one and replacing it with a new model, there will most often be lines to run and fittings to weld which is why you should only trust the job to a reputable workman.

If you do not have a plumber or heating contractor that you have worked with in the past, you may find some leads on the website of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors. The APHC is the official trade organisation that oversees members and there are stringent requirements for membership. If you are looking for a workman to do the job, please settle for nothing less than a master craftsman who is board certified and licensed to do the work.


If Price Is an Issue


When shopping for radiators it is important to understand that not all radiators are created equal. You may be looking for a good deal which can often lead you down the wrong path if you are not careful. Our radiators are priced to be competitive and if you can find the exact same radiator anywhere for a lower price, by all means let us know so that we can match that price.

Also, keep in mind that you save nothing by purchasing a refurbished radiator. There was a reason why that radiator was taken from its ‘home’ to be sold second-hand and that is someone else’s problem you don’t want. Over time rust and residue from minerals in the water can build up. If that radiator wasn’t flushed properly or cared for in a long period of time, you just might be better of leaving your own intact.

We have our own Radiator Gallery ‘Price Match Promise’ that should help you find the very latest designs at the very best prices. We have free delivery to England, Wales and to certain locations in Scotland. For those of you living in the North of Scotland, just give us a call for further details. You can expect delivery within 3 to 10 business days unless the radiator is a special order from the manufacturer, and even then, we make every effort to expedite shipment.

Visit our London showroom, shop online or call us on our free number, 0800 055 6450, with any questions you may have. We are here to serve you and over the years have built a rock solid reputation for expert radiator advice and customer service. You will not find another source of radiators in the whole of the UK, or across Europe for that matter, with as many models as we carry, nor will you find the courteous service only we can provide.